Hydraulic Compression Moulding Machine

  • Compression mouding hydraulic press or therrirose plasticssubber.
  • Range 30t to 800t.
  • Custom built option.
  • Down stroking or upstroking option.
  • PLC control standard supply, optional contactor control.
  • Servo driven hydraulic option available for energy saving and long life of pump & oil.
  • Silent operation.
  • Hydraulic or mechanical ejector.
  • Insulated mould platens to prevent undue heat transfers.
  • One piece design for easy installation and lesser floor space requirement.
  • Fast approach & return and slow pressing speed for less cycle lime.
  • Automatic programmable de-gassing for better product quality.
  • PIO temp. controllers.
  • World class hydraulic and electronic components.
  • World class hydraulic seals for cylinders.
  • Automatic unloading and loading of pump and electric motor to maintaining clamping tonnage with selectable narrow range. saves energy and extends components life.
  • controlled parallity between two platens for flash free Moulding.



Single Station Hydraulic Compression Moulding Press Machine

Double Station Hydraulic Compression Moulding Press Machine

Tripple Station Hydraulic Compression Moulding Press Machine