Fully Automatic Toggle Type Plasic Injection Moulding Machine

  • Yuken or Bosch Rexroth make PQ Block.
  • Yuken make vane pump.
  • Toggles and End platens made from  SG Iron. Moving and Stationary platen made from quality mild steel duly ultra tested.
  • Hardened Pin from alloy steel. Imported Toggle Bushes made afrom bronze material with graphite impregtenation fitted with dry ice technology.
  • Centralized Lubrication system with motorized pump.
  • Swivellable Injection Unit for easy cleaning of screw and barrel.
  • PLC based control panel. Heater controlled thru SSR’ s for power saving and trouble free working.
  • Linear transducer for position control of mould and screw
  • Proximity sensors for ejector, nozzle and screw speed..
  • Hydraulic  ejector.
  • Water cooling distributor for mould and barrel.
  • Return line micron filter with magnetic barS.
  • Shell and Tube type heat exchanger for hydraulic oil cooling.
  • Energy saving cerawool coated ceramic heaters.
  • Stress Relieved base frame for long life of machine.
  • Mould safety
  • Hydraulic safety with front safety