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Double Station Compression Moulding

  • Double station compression moulding hydraulic press for thermoset plastics & rubber.
  • Economic due to common hydraulic pump motor and electric panel.
  • Better utilization of labour.
  • Range lot to 300t.
  • Custom built option.
  • Down stroking or up stroking option.
  • Manual hand valve operation standard, optional auto control.
  • Hydraulic or mechanical ejector as option.
  • Insulated mould platens to prevent undue heat transfers.
  • One piece design for easy installation and lesser floor space requirement.
  • Single speed operation as standard, optional last and slow speeds.
  • Manual de-gassing for better product quality.
  • PID temp. controllers for each station with two zones per station with Thermocouple sensors.
  • World class hydraulic and electric components.
  • World class hydraulic seals for cylinders.
  • Pump and electric motor stops upon releasing down push button after achieving clamping tonnage. Tonnage maintained by holding valves.
  • When pressure drops due to process. operator can restore the pressure just by pressing push button.
  • Curing timer alarms operator to open the mould manually by valve thus repeatability in curing time and hence quality of product.
  • Controlled parallity between two platens for flash free moulding.
  • Manual press comparable to quality parameters like automatic press.
Please Note :
Design and specifications may change without prior notice as product development is a continuous process at FLU-TECH.
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