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Automatic Swaging Machine : Model: FSW - 400

Flu-Tech make Swaging machines Series FSW are designed to swage circumference of bowl shape metallic articles from out side to inside or vice versa. The swaged edge is guaranteed for concentricity with respect to bowl outer surface. Thereby enabling automatic circumference welding of the two bowls on a separate machine.

The machine is designed to adopt different shapes of rollers for different geometries of edge. The rollers are manufactured from tool steel and heat treated and revolves over a set taper roller bearings. The rollers are easily replaceable and adjustable.

All movements including rotation of chuck are hydraulic and hence inbuilt protection against over load. Proximity sensors are used for stroke end sensing. Machine cycle is controlled by PLC.

The machine will be with vertical chuck rotated by hydraulic motor with infinitely variable rotational speed and torque. The job will be placed into female adopter on chuck with contour matching with job. The job will be securely held in the adopter by a revolving center with soft pad operated hydraulically from top. After holding the inner supporting roller will take its position just to touch inner wall of the job and locked there automatically. Next swaging roller will start its movement radially towards supporting roller and swage the edge as per contour of supporting roller and swaging roller. Micro setting of strokes of supporting roller and swaging roller will be useful to sense the position achieved. After completion the swaging and supporting rollers will be retracted back to home position and then spindle will stop rotation. Then center mandrill will be retracted and swaging head will also lift to allow operator to take out the finished job and place new job.
Holding Force 1 MT
Swaging Force 3 MT
Supporting Roller Holding Force 3 MT
Stroke of Center Holding Mandrel 300 mm
Stroke of Swaging Roller 60 mm
Stroke of Swaging Head 300 mm
Chuck Speed 60 RPM
Maximum Torque of Spindle 30 Kg-m
Swaging Speed 5 mm/sec. max.(variable)
Maximum Size of Job Dia 401 mm
Length 250 mm
Electric Motor 3.7 KW, 1500 RPM, 415 V AC
Hyd. Oil Tank Capacity 60 Ltr.
App. Wt. of Machine 1.5 MT
Stroke Setting By Proximity Switches
Mode of Operation Set up Inching, Manual and Semi Auto
  Water Geyser Manufacturing
  Stainless Steel Kitchenware Manufacturing
  Automobile Components Manufacturing
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