Automatic Plastic Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine

  • Tie Bar less clamp unit
  • Clamp unit traversing by hydraulic cylinder
  • Higher Clamping force with rigid C- Frame
  • Both side Rack Pinion for platen synchronization
  • Hydraulic Stretching unit with double stroke blow pin operation
  • Guide Bar for platen
  • Grooved Barrel with intense feed zone cooling with special water pump
  • Normal and chilled water pipe connections with ball valves
  • Water Cooling Manifold on platens with 6- 10 channels with temperature and pressure indications and ball valves.
  • Carriage unit traversing to bring forward the article
  • Grooved Barrel extruder with VFD of ABB make having 150% over load capacity for one minute
  • Spherical Roller Thrust bearing with B10 life of 40000 Hours
  • Extruder plate form with self adjusting ladder
  • Guards for carriage wheel with wipers
  • Bellows for carriage cylinder rod and racks
  • Peppler + Fuchs Proximities
  • Linear Transducers for mould and push out stroke.
  • Siemens Limit Switches
  • Digital pressure transducer for blowing with purging cycle
  • Digital pressure transducer for clamp pressure
  • Extruder drive motor cooling fan safety
  • Fixed Volume pump with PC) block control
  • Power Controlled SSR for heaters for energy saving
  • Bosch Rexroth / Yuken Hydraulics




Plastic Blow Moulding Machinery 1ltr to 5 Ltr

Plastic Blow Moulding Machinery 10 Ltr to 200 Ltr

Larger Plastic Blow Moulding Machinery 500 Ltr to 2000 Ltr